Botox is still the number one cosmetic procedure performed today.  Due to recurrent price increases by Allergan, we have increased the price of Botox to $13 per unit, and if you bank 100 units, it is always $11 per unit.  We are continuing to offer Xeomin (Merz) and Dysport (Galderma) at $12 per unit, or bank 100 units at $10 per unit .

When BOTOX is diluted with saline and injected into muscles, it blocks the transmission between the nerve endings and the surrounding muscle fibers and causes weakness in the muscles, reducing the contractions in the local area. Botox only works on the muscles that have been specifically injected, which leaves the surrounding muscles functioning as normal.

The end result is softening, or even eliminating lines of expression of the upper face.  The three most commonly treated areas are the Glabellar Complex (central frown lines), horizontal brow lines, and Crow’s Feet (smile lines).  This does not affect your actual smile, as those muscles are not injected.  Over time, lines at rest may even fully be reversed.  The best approach for success is to be re-injected with Botox just as the effect is starting to fade (commonly between ten and twelve weeks for most individuals).

Dr. Olsson uses exceedingly small needles, so discomfort is minimal & brief

Botox typically lasts 3-4 months

Commonly there is no bruising with Botox injections

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