Botox Injections

Effective Botox Treatments

Botox is one of the popular cosmetic procedures performed today because it is safe, simple, and effective.

At The Renewal Center, we use Botox to soften and sometimes eliminate the lines of expression in your upper face, including the Glabellar Complex (your central frown lines), horizontal brow lines, and crow's feet or smile lines.
botox injection

Botox Procedure

Once Botox is diluted with saline and injected into muscles, it blocks the transmission between your nerve endings and the surrounding muscle fibers. The process creates muscle weakness and reduces muscle contractions in the immediate area.

Botox affects only the muscles that have been injected and leaves the surrounding tissues functioning as normal.
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Save When You Bank Units in Advance

Used over time, Botox may lead to a full reversal of your smile and frown lines because the lines have been allowed to rest. 

The best plan is to re-inject Botox just when the effect from the previous injection is beginning to fade, which is usually between ten and twelve weeks.
  • Botox typically lasts for three to four months
  • Botox from Allergan is available at $13 per unit or $11 per unit when you bank 100 units
  • Xeomin (Merz) and Dysport (Galderma) are available at $12 per unit or $10 per unit when you bank 100 units
botox injection

Professional Applications Reduce Discomfort

Dr. Olsson uses exceedingly small needles for Botox injections so your discomfort is minimal and brief. For more information or to arrange for your personal consultation, call 425-921-9489. Our offices are located at 11601 Harbour Pointe Blvd., Suite 200.
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